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Why Texas Associations

Texas Associations was founded to help business owners save money purchasing insurance and to help navigate the complicated waters of safety. By purchasing insurance as a group, everyone in the group can lower their premiums while increasing the benefits. Additionally, insurance features like paying out dividends is possible for even the smallest business when joining Texas Associations.

  • Reduce insurance costs

  • Money saved is paid in dividends to members

Why Safety 

Every year many Texas businesses are held liable for lapses in worker safety. One of the goals of Texas Associations is to make sure that every member is educated in safety practices and requirements that are specific to their industry. Doing so helps save money and greatly reduces risk to your business.

Industry Specific Safety Information

Additional benefits of the group include industry specific safety program manuals, safety newsletters, and improved loss control programs. With free access to and Farmers Key, members have been provided the tools needed to run, and maintain, a safe work place which has added to their bottom line each year.

  • Safety Program Manuals

  • Safety Newsletters

  • Access to

  • Access to Farmers Key

Loss Control

Losses are one of the main hazards of running a business. When you consider that the average loss will cost you six times the cost of a claim in revenue, the safety programs of the Association are a great resource. We hand-picked the safety programs that are specific to your business so that you only receive and pay for the information that is applicable to you.

  • One of the main hazards of running a business

  • Up to six times the cost of a claim in revenue

Liability Protection

Many business owners in Texas choose to go uncovered for worker’s compensation insurance. As a result, Texas Law considers them to be Non-Subscribers. By making this choice, they have accepted the liability for paying out lifetime medical, disability, and loss of wages for injured workers. In addition, they may be liable for other civil penalties. An employer who is a Non-Subscriber, can be sued, and they have unlimited liability, making them unable to use any common defenses in court.

Worker’s Compensation Protection

Carrying Worker’s Compensation insurance reduces the risk of being sued, and the cost of being a subscriber is lower today than it’s been in the last twenty years. Many times the cost of Worker’s Comp insurance is less than 2% of your payroll expense, if you take into consideration all of the discounts our Association program provides its members.

  • Protection against civil penalties

  • Protection from lawsuits

  • Limited liability

  • Less than <2% of payroll expenses

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